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The following content discusses on writing a great resume for freshers and the basic elements that is expected by the recruiters.


A fresher is considered an individual who hasn’t professionally worked on a full-time basis with any organization in the past. Resume plays a major role for a job application in the case of freshers. A resume has the ability to immediately grab a recruiter's attention. The likelihood of being shortlisted for a job, particularly if you are a fresher, depends entirely on your resume.

 The best way to write a resume for fresher is the functional resume format as it emphasizes on your abilities and skills to make up for your lack of experience. This format makes it more appealing to the recruiters in an effective manner that are relevant to the job position offered. Candidates who are switching over to a new professional field are also considered as freshers.




  • FOCUS ON THE JOB ADVERTISEMENT: To prepare a good resume, mark all the keywords and phrases posted by the company for the job description and add skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.


  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Do add your basic contact details on the top of your resume such as name, contact number, email, etc, this will help the recruiters to reach you out easily for any further discussion.


  • INCLUDING SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: Adding professional social media accounts may help the recruiters with additional information but make that sure that is relevant to the job requirement.


  • CONCISE PERSONAL STATEMENT: This statement should address yourself, the purpose for applying that particular job, also to add your accomplishments, if any.


  • SOFT AND HARD SKILLS: List down only the skills that helps you in best resume preparation. Understand the requirements for the job and include accordingly, such as, you can highlight your communication, interpersonal and conflict management skills for customer service role.


  • INCLUDE ACADEMICS: List down your educational qualifications and certifications. You can also include if you have any additional achievements, scholarships, etc.


  • EXPERIENCE DETAILS: You can add details if you have completed any internships or researches even if you do not have any professional work experience.


  • MENTION HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: These can give prospective employers a more rounded view of you as a person.


  • HIGHLIGHT MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: Candidates with multicultural skills are in good demand for many international companies. You can add if you have knowledge on any foreign language, etc.


  • DECLARE YOUR INTEREST TO LEARN NEW SKILLS: The system of doing business are getting modified according to the current requirements so, employers are looking for employees who shows interest on learning new skills and also as fast learners. Adding these skills may attract the recruiters more.


  • PROOFREAD THE RESUME: To develop the best impression, first create a best resume do cross-check your resume for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, omissions.


  • REFER TO SAMPLE RESUME FORMAT: Compare your resume to those from your industry by finding them. Examine your resume to see if there is anything you can change or add to make it more impressive.


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