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A common application form that can be used all around Europe is the Europass CV. It's what Europeans refer to as a resume in the US. It offers a simple method for producing an excellent CV that would be accepted throughout Europe, and it assists you in producing a cover letter that supports your application.

The Europass CV contains all the necessary sections for your application,

Contact information

Work experience

Academical background

You may also provide any other area that may help your application. You don't need to worry about design and don't need to spend time on your layout because Europass is automatically formatted.


  • DETAIL ON YOUR EXPERIENCE- Pay attention to the details in the job offer and emphasise your skills and experiences that are relevant to the position you're applying for.
  • CUSTOMIZE FOR A GOOD CV- Change the "About Me" section rather than listing your entire, comprehensive experience to emphasise why you are the ideal candidate for the position and to concentrate on facts and crucial points that are relevant to the position you have in mind.
  • MAKE YOUR CV READABLE- Make sure your Europass CV is easy to read, includes powerful verbs, and employs simple, uncomplicated language.
  • FOLLOW REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER- Never rank your old experiences higher than your recent ones. Give a justification if there have been ongoing interruptions in work or school.
  • POLISH & PROOFREAD- Provide a professional email address, proofread your text for typos, and provide a headshot that captures your likeness.


  • MAKE YOUR WRITING APPEALING- When submitting your Europass CV, use your phrases to truly catch the recruiting manager's attention. Explain why, in light of your credentials, accomplishments, and skills, you are the greatest candidate for the position using intriguing action verbs and evocative adjectives. Don't forget to look over the job description for any crucial keywords. Use those to stand out to the recruiting manager and get beyond whatever ATS the business could be utilising.
  • IGNORE CLICHES- You must make your words work for you because your design won't help you get the job. Additionally, avoid using clichés anywhere in your resume. Use wording that hiring managers haven't seen a million times before to give your CV a fresh sound.
  • BE SUCCINCT- When describing your qualifications, be as explicit as you can to set yourself apart from the competition. The hiring manager will be more impressed and remember you if you provide facts and numbers that demonstrate your professional successes.
  • CONSIDER THE LENGTH- Similar to a US resume, your Europass CV shouldn't be longer than one page. Due to all the problems with white space, it would be a little more challenging in this situation, but you can still make it work by using the least amount of content possible.

When your material changes to a new line, it is ideal to eliminate any terms that leave the second line with just one word. By removing these terms, you may successfully solve the white-space problem on your Europass CV and present all of your information on a single page. If you believe a two-pager will have more impact, go for it, but ensure you have the necessary information and abilities prior.

  • PROOFREAD- look out for,

       Spelling and grammar mistakes

        Inconsistent punctuation

        Broken website links

        Incorrect contact information

        Long or unclear sentences

If you want to be extra careful, you can always ask some family and friends to proofread it for you as well.


  • It enables you to generate, store, and distribute CVs in 29 different languages and is totally free to use. You can follow the Europass format when creating a cover letter for your application.
  • Additionally, because hiring managers everywhere are familiar to the format, when they view your CV, they can instantly understand its structure and organisation.
  • It makes it possible for you to swiftly prepare your application materials while carefully considering every crucial element, such as your professional background, volunteer experience, academic qualifications, skills, etc.
  • The benefits of the Europass CV are rather constrained. With the exception of the circumstances mentioned above, that format is only helpful if the applicant lacks the time or resources to devote to creating a good CV or the hiring manager has no particular preferences about the data offered or how it is presented.


The most common considered disadvantages of an Europass CV are,

  • dated CV designs
  • website bugs
  • dubious CV builder interface

But the biggest deal-breaker for users is usually the design, which has the following issues,

  • Uncertain text layout
  • Wide white gaps that are empty of content
  • An excessively large Europass logo are all issues.
  • Huge spacing between the bullet points and the text Words in justified text are spaced oddly. The majority of the content is located on the left half of the page, leaving the right side nearly empty.

Before using a Europass CV, you should give it some thought because it will make your resume less distinctive and put you at a disadvantage compared to other applicants. However, if your potential employer wants a Europass CV, you shouldn't hesitate to create one. You can reach us at info@ircresume.com or give us a call at +91 8838376704 for further queries.