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4 Tips To Ace Your Next Interview

4 Tips To Ace Your Next Interview

It could be your first interview around the corner or you’ve been to a few in these years. Irrespective, putting to use these tips is sure to work in your favor at the next interview:

Understanding Yourself:

How often have you felt anxious about the questions that are going to come your way at a job interview? It is nearly impossible to have control on what the interviewer wishes to ask you, however, you can be sure of a few questions and be prepared with the best possible answers against these.

You can be sure that the interviewer wants to know about you. You can be geared up for this question by arriving at three important points that you want them to know about you. Arrive at these three points and improvise it over and over until you are confident about presenting it. It is important that these three points are in sync with what you have mentioned on your resume. It could be three skills or three achievements that you may want to highlight that is in sync with the role you are being interviewed for.

For example: You may want to showcase your functional skills that you may have gained in your past role that you can put to use in the new one or you may want to demonstrate your ability of meeting deadlines or it could be your revenue generation potential. Ensure that you present these points with valid data so that it is convincing to the interviewer.

When you work on these three points, ensure that it makes sense to the interviewer and it is directly connected to the role you are being interviewed for. The best way to go about arriving at these three points is to ask yourself, what are the three important skills that you can present that will add value to the organization.

Shift Your Focus Off The Salary:

Do not initiate the conversation about the package too soon. Give it time, give the interviewer the impression that you are more concerned on the role than the package that it comes with. Spend time on knowing more about the role. Most times it would work in your favor because you will be in a position to arrive at the package that you can ask for basis the role discussed. You will have this understanding only when you know the complete details about the role. If the interviewer initiates the discussion about your past salary, you can state that but then remember that you are not tied to your past salary. You are being interviewed for a new role and the old salary need not necessarily be a basis for arriving at the new one.

Refrain From Spilling Your Beans:

Most interviewers ask about your reason for leaving your past employment or the reason why you are looking for a change in job. Being honest does not mean that you give them all the details than what is necessary. Give a sensible response which gives them an overview and not the details in entirety. If there is a negative reason to why you are looking for a change in employment, it can be a stressful experience explaining it to the interviewer, however, you can be assured that you are not the first person who is looking to move on from an unpleasant experience. So, your reason for leaving may not be as bad as what you think. Talk about the learnings you have gained from that, show them the optimistic side of you and how you are going to use the learning in your new role.

Mirror Yourself:

Don’t fake it because it usually places you in a zone of discomfort at the interview. During the course of the interview, the right interviewer will be able to sense it. However, if the you at the interview and your resume is in sync with each other, you can be in your comfort zone during the interview because you are in a position to focus on the interview than focusing on things you are trying to fake or hide. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of what is mentioned on your resume. It is but common that you may have used a professional resume writer to write that amazing resume that got you to the interview table. That being said, it is still you resume and the contents of it talks about you. Therefore, it becomes important that you know how you are positioned on your resume because the interviewer is going to use your resume to ask you questions.

Make sure that you are you right from the start of the interview to the completion. Don’t give the interviewer a scope of doubt. A job interview is like any other business deal. There are always two sides to it. While the organization looks at aspects of you to ensure that you are the right fit for the role, it also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the organization to understand if it suits your career goals.

Give your best at the next interview. Get the best resume to get you to the interview table and keep these tips in mind and use it as a guide to prepare yourself to excel at it.

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